With intentions to live aboard long term spaces aboard Samara needed to function with utmost efficiency, maintaining the sense of volume and openness was a challenge solved by designing areas to serve more than one purpose, and to be adaptable to various situations. Remote controlled electric roller blinds enable the aft deck to be enclosed from the weather and become part of the salon; while on the upper deck sun pads turn the space into a lounging area in the absence of a helicopter. The master suite features a unique layout that blurs the boundaries between the volumes of the ensuite, walk in wardrobe and cabin into one large space; while maintaining privacy and the ability to conceal items where needed.   

Every space aboard Samara features three types of storage, display locations for artful items, visible storage to hide items behind a facade suggestive of its function, and concealed storage, discretely hiding items with only the faintest trace. These options provide convenient access, and the ability to control the level of impact items have on the aesthetics of the space. This philosophy is also imparted on some permanent fixtures, such as the TVs which utilise remote controlled mechanisms to reveal themselves only when required; and a substantial underfloor pantry in the salon. These and other ingenious features make Samara feel like a much larger vessel, creating ample space to share the journey with family and friends.